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How It All Began

by PPEforHCP Founder, Sophia Boettcher

The intersection of health and digital technology has long fascinated me. As a teenager I helped start an early universal real-time biodata tracking/reporting platform within Singularity University (then operated out of NASA-Ames). Our technology PatientKey was passed onto the VA for epilepsy management and Meridian Medical Networks for automated diagnostics and elderly patient monitoring. Later I did a stint as an early employee of insura-tech firm CXA Connections Asia in Singapore to deliver increased visibility of employee health insurance benefits, improve wellness, and reduce waste. But my path to becoming a rare disease advocate and ever-learning biodata scientist began at age 19. I was diagnosed with scleroderma, an incurable, progressive autoimmune disease that "turns your body into stone." Experiencing decline of health and an onslaught of co-morbidities that seemed to rear new heads daily, hourly even -- I scraped my way through thousands of research papers. With the support of my nurses and doctors, I self-advocated for a hand-selected cocktail of experimental treatments to slow the progression.

​Scleroderma has given me a strong sense of living -- and also thriving -- in harrowing times. It's put me in the unique position to stay hungry for novel solutions to dire human needs. And so, with this newfound life, I'm giving all my effort to give back to the healthcare community that stood in solidarity with me when I needed it most.

First it started with reading some of the earliest cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19, previously known as 2019-nCoV, and before that primary atypical pneumonia of unknown origin) in December. Second, I'd done some casual modeling of the spread with my programmer friends; we'd come up with 2.2-2.8 as the R_0, a suspicious transmissivity factor value that pointed at possibility of pandemic. Third, I started hearing complaints among my doctor and pharmacist friends regarding delayed or canceled shipments of medical supplies.

 From there, it seemed important to brainstorm how we could create a multi-threaded supply chain pipeline with limited funding or existing contacts -- if needed. Following my instinct, I contacted over 500 suppliers and finally secured a pipeline of surgical masks overseas. Within hours of hearing a WA hospital mass-crafted homemade masks out of craft store supplies -- I made a few calls and bought the entire Bay Area's general public-facing supply of masks before the stores opened. I shipped them out. My red piggy bank was wiped. I posted on Lashify, asking if anyone was an HCP in need. Responses from healthcare provider community came pouring in, requesting PPE -- but also sharing stories from the front line.

​So that's how PPEforHCP began. Empowered by a strong-hearted band of volunteers, we're delivering masks and PPE to every front-line healthcare worker who requests it.

Health and safety are basic human needs. Every nurse and doctor deserves protection on the job.

Perhaps somewhat aggressively, I began working with doctors to brainstorm creating a multi-threaded supply chain pipeline for PPE shortage mitigation on 12/29/2019. It was really just a thought exercise, fueled by perhaps too much reading online, TED talks, contagion movies, and general time on my hands. Following my instinct, I vetted over 500 suppliers and secured a source of surgical masks overseas on a limited 4-digit budget. I got my hands on a first shipment of 500 masks on March 15. By March 17 I started receiving PPE requests from healthcare workers in the trenches, and also heart-breaking stories of the dire situation they are facing.

Joined by a team of dedicated volunteers, that's how we embarked on our mission: to deliver free PPE to every frontline healthcare worker who requests it and support local community hospitals fighting COVID-19.​

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We are listening

We're listening to your pain points and constantly adapting our solutions toward the direst needs of our front-line HCP heroes. We want to hear from you and how you're doing. Share your story from the front lines by completing the PPE Request Form.

We send free PPE to every HCP who asks for it

We know how hard it is to get PPE right now, especially for community-level hospitals/HCPs who have limited resources. Just ask, and vetted PPE will be on its way to your COVID-19 unit (we cover free shipping/tracking too).

We are your trusted resource for fighting COVID-19

We're rapidly iterating on innovative, data-driven ideas to improve community health outcomes during this crisis. Learn about our combinatory PPE shortage mitigation efforts and research toward universal guidelines for COVID-19 care.

This is How We Give Support

We send free PPE that's FDA-certified or FDA- and CDC guidelines-adherent, hospital-approved, and backed by healthcare providers

Masks & Respirators
Masks & Respirators
Sterile Gloves
Sterile Gloves
Hand Sanitizers
Hand Sanitizers
Face Shields
Face Shields
Isolation Suits & Surgical Gowns
Isolation Suits & Surgical Gowns

Volunteer Team

Sophia Boettcher, BSCS
Sophia Boettcher, BSCSFounder
Rare Disease Advocate, Biodata Scientist
Erika Boettcher, BSCS
Erika Boettcher, BSCSWeb Support
Programmer, Data Visuallizer
Dr. Melinda Costa, MD
Dr. Melinda Costa, MDCo-Founder
Craniofacial and Plastic Surgeon
Maren Rosenberg
Maren RosenbergSupport Staff
Theater Actor, Producer, Co Artistic Director
Kristen Ahern, MFA
Kristen Ahern, MFAMaker
Costume Designer, Ecoscenographer
Whitney Crowder
Whitney CrowderMaker
Owner MagicPrincess on Etsy
John Aries Malahito, MEd
John Aries Malahito, MEdWeb Support
Technology Integration Specialist, Web & Graphic Design Ninja
Joseph Brenninkmeijer, BS, BA
Joseph Brenninkmeijer, BS, BACOVID-19 Data Analytics
Technical Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud at Google

Partners and Friends

  • Lashify
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  • Uprising Theater
  • Artist's Resource Mobilization
  • Project N95
  • Operation Masks
  • Big Start Global
  • Ponoko
  • Paperform
  • Dr. Iris Tian, DO

Past Contributors

  • Sarah Michaels
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For a direct line of access to us, please text or WhatsApp Sophia at: +1.425.961.3003. You can email admin@ppeforhcp.com and we'll make sure to return your message within 4 hours.
Copyright © 2020 PPEforHCP Limited (a pending California non-profit corporation). Feel free to share this freely in good faith. This project was initiated by biodata scientist and rare disease advocate Sophia Boettcher, but made possible by many. With all hands on deck, we can beat the COVID-19 pandemic.